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What makes a good Road Warrior?

Lots of practice and a passion for what you do.


Vic Baker One Treasure Limited in the Caribbean IslandsMy work seems more like an ongoing vacation!

Hi, I’m Vic Baker - known as “The Map Man” throughout the Caribbean. It all started in the late 1980’s when I owned an art gallery in Austin, TX.
I commissioned an artist to create an antique style map of Texas to help promote the opening of my gallery. Timing – my girlfriend had just won a contest through her company for a week in the Cayman Islands and invited me to go. We had just gotten certified to scuba dive – great trip! I thought, "Why don’t I create a map of the Grand Cayman like the one I did of Texas?" I commissioned the artist, published it, and flew back down there and started selling them to the stores. One Treasure Limited, now the largest distributor of maps in the Caribbean, has six hundred plus accounts and over 40 different maps buy tadalafil online .
Let me tell you about my new Magic Map – JUST SCRATCH IT! Instead of sticking pins in a map, you can scratch off where you travel. Magic map is an antique style map of the Caribbean. When the foil surface is scratched off it reveals a tropical color island underneath. An interactive map to enjoy with your friends and family. Scratch your way through the Caribbean, Matie!